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David is second from right : TITLE, SITE_TAGLINE

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<strong><a href="">Discount Spyder</a></strong>
<strong><a href="">Spyder Ski Wear 2012</a></strong>
<strong><a href="">Spyder Ski Wear Sale</a></strong>
<strong><a href="">Spyder Kids Ski Wear</a></strong>
<strong><a href="">Spyder Ski Wear</a></strong>
<a href="">Discount Spyder</a>
<a href="">Spyder Ski Wear 2012</a>
<a href="">Spyder Ski Wear Sale</a>
Spyder Kids Ski Wear
Spyder Ski Wear
David is second from right : TITLE, SITE_TAGLINE

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David Jacobs Our Founder

David Jacobs, a legend of his time

David is second from right

<a href="" style="font-size:14px;" >The spider pants</a>

In 1957 he captured the title of Canadian Downhill Ski Champion

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David is second from right

In 1972 he founded The Jacobs Corporation, producing Hot Gear, a line of up-market children's ski clothing, and Cool Gear, a collection of adult bicycle clothing and accessories. During this time he was granted a patent for his design of a new bicycle saddle that revolutionized the nature of bicycle saddle construction. After the sale of The Jacobs Corporation, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to found the Spyder brand in 1978.
It began as a small mail order business in his kitchen, race sweaters being the only offering. In 1981 he also introduced the Pearl Izumi technical cycling apparel brand to the U.S. market, designing both the ski and cycling collections. David sold Pearl Izumi in 1989 to focus his efforts on the Spyder brand.

After the successful introduction of race sweaters, David added ski pants to the catalog offering. One of his early creations was a navy blue racing pant with yellow striped pads extending from the knee to the hip.
His son Billy mentioned that skiers were calling them &quot;spider&quot; pants, due to their spider leg-like appearance. David recognized this as an opportunity to have a powerful, lasting name and logo associated with his products, and renamed the company. A passionate sports car fan, he borrowed the spelling with a &quot;y&quot; from the Ferrari Spyder. For two years, Spyder operated out of David's kitchen. At the end of two years his kitchen was too crowded. He financed an expansion in 1980, selling Spyder to Boulder-based Hanson Industries, a ski boot manufacturer. Not willing to let his dream go down in flames, he bought Spyder back 18 months later, before Hanson went bankrupt. Over the years, David grew the brand and led the company to greater sales and global distribution.
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