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Hero Online Client description -

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Hero Online Client description -
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Hero Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game where players have the opportunity to experience Asian myth and folklore in a martial arts environment.
Players will encounter characters and monsters based on Asian martial fiction, a one of a kind MMO. By combining the motif of Asian culture with many unique features, players will experience a game like no other in Hero Online!
Here are some key features of &quot;Hero Online&quot;:
When a player begins the game, they will have to choose one of four characters: The Ruthless Blade, Overseer of the Sky, The Piercing Eye, or the Elegant Mystic.
Each character will have his/her own strength, weakness, weapon proficiencies, and stats.
There are four basic classes per character to choose from: Warrior, Hunter, Physician, and Assassin. Each class has two upgrades that it can undergo allowing for more skills and better class-specific skills.
For every progression, characters must complete certain quests that will reward them with skill books and more.For instance, an Assassin can become a Slayer, who can them become a Shinobi but only after completing their class quests.
Players will have the option to pick and choose certain skills to either focus on whether it be aggressive skills, passive skills, or both. When it comes to choosing skills, players can pick or choose which skills to equip depending on their need since skills are based on books.
Players will have 10 book slots, and will be able to allocate which slot has which book. Since a skill book could have up to 3 skills, players could potentially have a whole arsenal of skills or a small amount. Skill books can be found from talking to npcs, fighting monsters, undergoing quests, or trading from other players.
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