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UGG Payton Boots Beige [10148] - $189.98 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce

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<title>UGG Payton Boots Beige [10148] - $189.98 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce</title>
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<meta name="keywords" content="UGG Payton Boots Beige [10148] UGG Slippers Womens UGG Boots Kids Ugg Boots UGG Argyle Knit Boots UGG Bailey Button Boots UGG Nightfall Boots UGG Roxy Short Boots UGG Sundance Boots UGG Cable Knit Boots UGG Chrystie Boots UGG Corinth Boots UGG Elsey Boots UGG Felicity Boots UGG Gissella Boots UGG Highkoo Boots UGG Langley Boots UGG Liberty Boots UGG Payton Boots UGG Roxy Tall Boots UGG Seline Boots Mens Ugg Boots UGG Adirondack Tall Boots UGG Adirondack Boots UGG Bailey Button Triplet Boots UGG Broome Boots UGG Gloves UGG Classic Boots UGG Australia ALL UGG ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping" />
<meta name="description" content="Zen Cart! UGG Payton Boots Beige [10148] - * Twin-faced Grade A sheepskin footbed with suede heel guards * Genuine sheepskin socks wick moisture away * Triple layer comfort insole is made of: EVA, latex heel an arch support * Multi surfaced lugged bottom with heel cushioning insert * Molded rubber lug cup sole for strength an durability on rugged surfaces * Color: " />
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<div id="navBreadCrumb"> <a href="">Home</a>&nbsp;::&nbsp;
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UGG Payton Boots Beige

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<div class="jqzoom"> <a href="" ><img src=" Payton Boots Beige.jpg" alt="UGG Payton Boots Beige" jqimg="images/v/UGG Payton Boots Beige.jpg" id="jqzoomimg"></a></div>
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<h1 id="productName" class="productGeneral">UGG Payton Boots Beige</h1>

<h2 id="productPrices" class="productGeneral">
<span class="normalprice">$290.00 </span>&nbsp;<span class="productSpecialPrice">$189.98</span><span class="productPriceDiscount"><br />Save:&nbsp;34% off</span></h2>

<div id="productAttributes">
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<option value="1">US 5 UK 3.5 EUR 36</option>
<option value="2">US 6 UK 4.5 EUR 37</option>
<option value="3">US 7 UK 5.5 EUR 38</option>
<option value="4">US 8 UK 6.5 EUR 39</option>
<option value="5">US 9 UK 7.5 EUR 40</option>
<option value="6">US 10 UK 8.5 EUR 41</option>

<span style="text-decoration:underline; font-weight:bold;"><a href=""><font color="#333333">Size Chart</font></a></span></div>
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<div id="cartAdd">
Add to Cart: <input type="text" name="cart_quantity" value="1" maxlength="6" size="4" /><br /><br /><input type="hidden" name="products_id" value="463" /><input type="image" src="" alt="Add to Cart" title=" Add to Cart " /> </div>

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<div id="productDescription" class="productGeneral biggerText">* Twin-faced Grade A sheepskin footbed with suede heel guards<br/>
* Genuine sheepskin socks wick moisture away<br/>
* Triple layer comfort insole is made of: EVA, latex heel an arch support<br/>
* Multi surfaced lugged bottom with heel cushioning insert<br/>
* Molded rubber lug cup sole for strength an durability on rugged surfaces<br/>
* Color: Beige<br/>

UGG Payton Boots is a wonderful addition to the UGG Boots Clearance collection in our UGG Outlet. Quite a good many people have to order these UGGs Outlet boots in advance for these UGG Payton Boots are really on hot sale now. <br/><br/></div>

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<div id="productTellFriendLink" class="buttonRow forward"><a href=";products_id=463"><img src="" alt="Tell a Friend" title=" Tell a Friend " width="158" height="17" /></a></div>

<div id="productReviewLink" class="buttonRow back"><a href=";products_id=463&amp;number_of_uploads=0"><img src="" alt="Write Review" title=" Write Review " width="116" height="17" /></a></div>
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<li><a href="">Blog</a></li>



<br />
<div align="center" style="font-size:12px; margin-bottom:5px;">
<a href="">Ugg</a> |
<a href="">ugg boots</a> |
<a href="">ugg boots outlet</a> |
<a href="">ugg boots online</a> |
<a href="">ugg boots cheap</a>

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