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Junior Polar Cave Waterproof Snow Boot [10850148] - $80.00 : TITLE, SITE_TAGLINE

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Junior Polar Cave Waterproof Snow Boot [10850148] - $80.00 : TITLE, SITE_TAGLINE

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Junior Polar Cave Waterproof Snow Boot

Junior Polar Cave Waterproof Snow Boot

Junior Polar Cave Waterproof Snow Boot

Model: "10850148

$85.00 $80.00Save: 6% off

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With waterproof seam-sealed construction to keep feet warm and dry and hook-and-loop closures for easy on/off, kids will love to run through snowpiles in our Polar Cave Waterproof Snow Boot. A cushiony OrthoLite&reg; footbed provides all-day comfort through sledding, snowball fights and hot-chocolate breaks. Understated styling is easily matched with kids' winter outfits, and the non-marking outsole make these boots fine for kids to wear at school. Imported


Leather, textile and synthetic upper for lightweight, rugged durability

200 grams of Thermolite&reg; insulation keeps active feet warm

Brushed nylon lining and footbed cover for warmth and comfort

Hook-and-loop strap closures at two points for an adjustable fit

Waterproof seam-sealed construction is guaranteed to keep feet dry in any weather

OrthoLite&reg; PU footbed made from 5% recycled rubber provides all-day cushioning and support

Non-marking rubber outsole for durability and traction

/timberland08_/Junior-9-13-yrs-/Junior-Polar-Cave-Waterproof-Snow-Boot-8.jpg<a target="_blank" href=""><img itemprop="image" width='700' src="" alt="/timberland08_/Junior-9-13-yrs-/Junior-Polar-Cave-Waterproof-Snow-Boot-9.jpg"/></a>/timberland08_/Junior-9-13-yrs-/Junior-Polar-Cave-Waterproof-Snow-Boot-10.jpg
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